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Workshop Videos

Language Acquisition Workshop at FIS

In this short video, Beth describes her work with a design team at Frankfurt International School.

TPRS as a sheltering strategy for ESL

The following clip comes from the beginning of my DVD “Putting it Together: TPRS as a Sheltering Strategy for ESL” The entire video and a companion teacher’s manual is available for purchase here.

Can Do Philosophy

In this video, Beth focuses on the WIDA “Can Do” Philosophy and how creating student portraits can positively impact how teachers meet the needs of diverse learners.

Academic Vocabulary Demonstration

Learning vocabulary is critical for ELLs. In this brief clip, Beth demonstrates at least 15 different strategies with 3 different words.

Critical Thinking for ELLs

In this clip from a critical thinking workshop with English Language Development teachers, Beth facilitates the Visible Thinking Routine “Silent Conversations” from Harvard Project Zero.

Writing to Read

This brief video clip from a workshop addresses the 'writing to read' strategy. Participants use a labeled picture with sentence frames to orally generate sentences before doing a quick write about the content picture. Then, they compare their academic text to the scientific text noticing the differences between their writing and the academic writing.

TPRS with Adult ELLs

In this short segment of an adult ESL class, Beth demonstrates the Total Physical Response Storytelling method with a group of beginning level adult English learners. The class gestures, acts out the story and responds to questions involving the key vocabulary for the unit.

TPR Storytelling Method

In this video clip filmed in Holland, Beth demonstrates the Total Physical Response Storytelling method in German with a content lesson (the water cycle). Notice the use of gestures, props, questions and acting out to make the content comprehensible to a group of beginning German speakers.