Individualized Coaching

Individualized Coaching

  • Three phases of the coaching cycle: pre-conference, observation, post-conference
  • Student-centered coaching focused on specific needs
  • Data analysis during post-conference
  • Goal setting and action steps

Team Meetings

Team meetings are lesson planning sessions that:

  • Integrate a focus on academic language development including vocabulary and language functions
  • Develop language accommodations for assessments and assignments for students at different language acquisition levels
  • Assess student work with a language lens
  • Use a protocol to formatively assess student work.

Lesson Studies

During a lesson study, teacher teams:

  • Plan a lesson together with clear language and content objectives, learning activities, and formative assessment
  • Develop measurement tools to assess the effectiveness of the lesson
  • Invite one teacher on the team to teach the lesson while the other team members gather formative assessment data
  • Debrief the lesson as a team and make plans for next steps based on the formative assessment data

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