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Data Analysis

When analyzing data, Beth:

  • Works with school or district leadership team or ELL coordinator
  • Analyzes school wide formative, summative, and/or standardized assessment data for trends, program effectiveness, challenges and opportunities
  • Disaggregates data to review trends at different grade levels, language acquisition levels, program participation, etc.
  • Uses analysis to develop recommendations for next steps at a school or district wide level

Student Shadowing

When shadowing students, Beth:

  • Trains a team of teachers to use the Shadowing Tool
  • Uses Shadowing Tool to gather a school wide snapshot of students’ academic language use in all four language domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Analyzes and interprets shadowing data as a team or entire staff for implications for instruction
  • Develops goals and instructional strategies designed to meet needs identified in shadowing data
  • Compares shadowing data from early in the school year to later in the school year
  • Uses shadowing data as part of school wide review of language development program

Program Design

When designing language acquisition programs, Beth:

  • Facilitates a school or district-wide design team
  • Follows Design Thinking to empathize with students, define the challenges, ideate options, and test prototypes of program models.
  • Consults with school or district leadership teams throughout the process for constraints and feedback
  • Provides resources and feedback to the design team

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