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Beth will dialog with you to create a workshop, coaching or consulting program that best meets the needs of your teachers.

Listed below are some of the services Beth provides. Many of these can be customized to meet the needs of your particular setting. Please feel free to contact her with your interests, and begin a conversation about what will work best for you.

To see a list of Beth’s current events schedule, visit her events page.

Click for more about Coaching

Click for more about Coaching


• Developing instructional coaches

• Coaching the coach sessions





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Click for more about Consulting

Click for more about Consulting


• Developing effective service models for English Language Learners

• Developing a Mother Tongue Programme in the IBMYP




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Click for more about Workshops & Keynotes

Click for more about Workshops & Keynotes

Recent Workshop and Keynote Descriptions

• Building Academic Vocabulary

• What’s Different about Teaching Reading to English Learners

• Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners (Science, Social Studies or Math specific workshops available)

• Engaging Strategies for Language Learning

• Differentiation strategies for English Language Learners

• TPRS for English Learners

• Making Connections = Making Meaning

• Helping LEPs leap!

• Working with English Language Learners in the MYP and IB Diploma programmes


To see Beth’s schedule of consulting events, visit her Calendar.